Our first feature-length animation is in development! It's based on the internationally acclaimed comic book memoir "Tangles: A Story About Alzheimer’s, My Mother and Me" by Sarah Leavitt.

What do you do when your outspoken, passionate and quick-witted mother starts fading into a forgetful, fearful woman? In this animated film, Sarah Leavitt reveals how Alzheimer's disease transformed her mother Midge – and her family – forever. Tangles confronts the complexity of Alzheimer's disease, and ultimately opens a knot of moments, memories and dreams to reveal a bond between a mother and daughter that will never come apart.

Learn more at tanglesthefilm.com


Director: Leah Nelson
Writer: Sarah Leavitt
Producer: Teresa Toews
Creative Direction: Leah Nelson, Jorge Canedo Estrada & Henrique Barone
Original Illustrations: Sarah Leavitt

Art Direction: Henrique Barone & Jorge Canedo Estrada
Animation Lead: Henrique Barone
Animation & Compositing: Henrique Barone, Diego MacLean, Federico Gutierrez & Jorge Canedo Estrada
Music & Sound Design: Ryland Haggis