Salt, Fresh & Field is a 3-part pilot series exploring food sources, communities and culture in Western Canada. In each 22 minute episode, host Chad Brealey journeys into wild and unexpected locations in search of food for an inspired gathering.

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Assistant to Producers: Cory Philpott
Production Assistant: Betty Wharton
Editing: Scott Tolan, Robin Leveille
Music & Sound Design: Ryland Haggis
Graphic Design & Animation: Jorge Canedo Estrada, Matt James

Reel Colour Timing: David Tomiak 
Reel Music: Winter People - Wishingbone


Client: Salt, Fresh & Field Media
Executive Producers: Chad Brealey, Mary Kellough
Agency: Giant Ant
Creative Direction: Leah Nelson
Producer: Teresa Toews
Director: Leah Nelson
Cinematography: Greg Bartels, Robin Leveille, Darren Rayner
Underwater Cinematography: Eiko Jones
Sound: Jeff Henschel, Rylan Kerbes