PGIO helps bring light to those struggling in the darkness of gambling addiction. This story follows an addicted person from the depths of their struggle, into the light where help is at hand for them and their family.


Client: Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario
Manager of Communications and Online Services (PGIO): Sylvia Hagopian
Directed by Giant Ant
Producer: Cory Philpott
Creative Direction: Jorge Canedo Estrada
Story & Script: Cory Philpott, Jorge Canedo Estrada, Rafael Mayani & Sylvia Hagopian
Art Direction & Storyboard: Rafael Mayani & Jorge Canedo Estrada


Illustration: Rafael Mayani
Character Animation Lead: Henrique Barone
Character Animation: Henrique Barone, Diego MacLean & Matt James
Compositing & Animation Lead: Jorge Canedo Estrada
Animation: Jorge Canedo Estrada, Matt James, Nicholas Ferreira & Diego MacLean
Music & Sound Design: Ryland Haggis