MEC cares a lot about fresh water. They brought us on to create a celebration of fresh water to remind us all what we stand to lose if we don't protect it. Check out the campaign at


Camera Assistant: Hannah Keiver
Editing: Robin Leveille
Colour Timing: Matt James
Music & SFX: Mark Lazeski
Voiceover Talent: Matt Ellis
Talent: Pat Malaviarachchi, Ryland Haggis, Kylee Epp, Esteban Acuna, Kenny Torrance, Katie Sweeting, Ewan Torrance


Agency: Giant Ant 
Creative Direction: Jay Grandin, Leah Nelson 
Script: Leah Nelson, Jay Grandin, MEC
Producer: Teresa Toews
Director: Leah Nelson
Cinematography: Robin Leveille
Production Coordinator: Cory Philpott