The lovely team at lululemon asked us to help them give Canada a big ol’ hug. We like this place we call home, and we like hugs, so of course we said yes indeed. And what better way to sing our country’s praises, than to recreate the national anthem with some quintessentially Canadian sounds. Special thanks to audio powerhouse Antfood for bringing this video to life through the wonders of sound.


Colour Correction: David Tomiak
Music & Sound Design: Antfood
Camera Assistants: Nathan Drillot, Grady Mitchell
Wardrobe: Mia Fiddis
Locations: Robin Tilby, Kaeleigh Doherty
Production Assistant: Bernie Yao
Title Animation: Henrique Barone, Shawn Hight
VFX: Shawn Hight, Matt James, Robin Leveille


Client: Lululemon
Agency: Giant Ant
Concept: Kevan Funk, Teresa Toews
Producer: Teresa Toews
Director: Kevan Funk
Cinematography: Peter Hadfield
Location Sound: Eugenio Battaglia
Editing: Benjamin Schuetze