We had the amazing chance to work with Costa again on this piece to spearhead their #Kickplastic campaign. Costa makes the clearest sunglasses on the planet for the sport fishing industry. Because healthy fish rely on healthy oceans, Costa is working hard to raise awareness about our overuse, and poor disposal, of plastics. The challenge was to communicate an environmentalist message to a right-leaning audience. We landed on a treatment absent of any emotionally manipulative voice over, and used a series of facts on screen to communicate the story. 


Client: Costa Sunglasses
Agency: Giant Ant
Directed by Giant Ant
Producer: Liam Hogan, Jay Grandin
Creative Direction: Jay Grandin
Story, Script & Storyboard: Jay Grandin, Lucas Brooking
Art Direction: Lucas Brooking 

Illustration: Lucas Brooking
Additional Illustration: Jay Grandin, Nicholas Ferreira, Diego MacLean
Character Animation Lead: Henrique Barone
Animation & Compositing: Matt James, Nicholas Ferreira, Jorge Canedo Estrada, Shawn Hight, Marisabel Fernandez, Diego MacLean
Music: Ryland Haggis
Sound Design: Ryland Haggis