Our friends at Clearly (formerly Clearly Contacts) asked us to help introduce their brand new brand and the shiny, happy concept of Seeing Life Shine. The idea focuses on the fleeting moments in the day where life catches us off guard and we see it...shine! We hope you'll watch it and take a moment to see your own life shine. Or maybe not. Do what you want.


Sound: Eugenio Battaglia
Hair/Make Up: Mia Fiddis
Wardrobe: Pamela Anseeuw 
Production Assistant: Betty Wharton
Editor: Benjamin Schuetze, Robin Leveille
Colour Correction: David Tomiak
Music & Sound Design: Ryland Haggis
Motion Graphics: Shawn Hight 
Talent: Corey Poluk, Nicole Wong, Dan Code, Phil Prajoux, Kristy Jacobsen, Lyndsay
Pomerantz, Ryland Haggis, Kylee Epp, Jasmine Lukuku, Haven Rockhill, Jorge
Canedo, Emmy Lou Canedo, Matthias Canedo, Emerson Prassad, Romesh Prasad,
Ben Gulliver and Stanley the Dog, Kathleen Saini, Casey Jo Loos, Benny Schuetze,
Sophie Jarvis, Les McDonald.

Client: Clearly
Agency: Giant Ant
Creative Direction: Kevan Funk
Producer: Cory Philpott 
Director: Kevan Funk
Director of Photography: Benjamin Loeb
Assistant Director: Anthony Epp
Production Designer: Caitlin Byrnes
Gaffer: Mike Martell
Grip: Chester Dixon
1st Assistant Camera: Shane McLeod
2nd Assistant Camera: Matthew Hering
Script Supervisor: Teresa Toews
DIT: Kenneth Lau