There are only 3 rules here at Giant Ant. This is the third.

One day, many moons ago, we decided to make three quick spots about Giant Ant’s not-so-famous 3 rules. Well, many moons turned into many many moons, and then more moons after that. After being pulled out of the drawer and dusted off many times, touched by many people, tweaked just one more time many times, we finally hit render. 

Perhaps one day, many more moons in the future, the other 2 rules will see their day (doodles from them can be found on our site). But, for now, we leave you with the most important one: Put Love in Your Work


Concept: Jay Grandin, Jorge Canedo Estrada, Lucas Brooking, Henrique Barone
Production: Liam Hogan, Jay Grandin, Jorge Canedo Estrada
Character Design: Lucas Brooking
Environment Design: Shawn Hight, Lucas Brooking, Jay Grandin, Jorge Canedo Estrada, Matt James
Modelling & Rigging: Nicholas Ferreira, Shawn Hight, Jorge Canedo Estrada, Matt James, Lucas Brooking
Texturing: Nicholas Ferreira, Rafael Mayani, Matt James, Shawn Hight

Lighting & Rendering: Nicholas Ferreira, Matt James, Shawn Hight
Character Animation: Henrique Barone
Animation: Nicholas Ferreira, Shawn Hight, Matt James, Jorge Canedo Estrada
Compositing: Matt James & Jorge Canedo Estrada
Title Design: Rafael Mayani
Title Animation: Henrique Barone
Music & Sound: Ryland Haggis